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Addsum Advanced Accounting X-Charge Credit Card Authorization Interface
Integrate credit card processing with your Advanced Accounting software
Take your business accounting software to a new level by securely authorizing credit card transactions in a completely integrated fashion from within Advanced Accounting. This interface provides your business with the perfect low cost solution to handling credit cards whether presented in person, by phone, via the web or some other manner.
How it works
Directly from Advanced Accounting's Enter/Change Sales Orders (SO-A), Invoice Posting (SO-G or via sales order entry/invoice printing), Record Payments/Apply Credits (AR-C), or Run POS (Point of Sale) Register (POS-A) options, a credit card authorization can be initiated (with full address/zip code/CVV2 verification if needed). The authorization request can be made from ANY PC on your network and typically takes only a second or two. If authorized, an optional receipt (full size and reduced width thermal size available) can be printed automatically to your default printer or to the printer of your choice.
Credit cards authorized through point of sale module are then processed as payments and posted in the normal way. Credit cards authorized through the AR-C are processed as any other payment and upon indication that it is a credit card type and that the user wants to authorize a credit card (the payment processing in AR-C will not complete after clicking on Save if the card is not authorized for the payment amount). Credit cards authorized thru SO-A are processed "as if" handled through the AR-C program for non-cash term types but without requiring the user to have full access to that option; payments are made to the customer's account and deposited into a checking account specified in this credit card setup option (the end user does not select the account when authorizing from SO-A); the payment is not applied towards any specific invoice but rather becomes a payment on account that a user can later apply to the appropriate invoice(s) thru normal AR-C processing. Or, for fully integrated cash terms processing through sales orders, users can enter orders, print the invoice, authorize the credit card and post all in one step and without any further action required (with all general ledger and payment entries automatically recorded).
Credit card amounts are deposited directly to your bank account after settlement. All funds are deposited into the bank of your choice (no changes are required nor needed with respect to your existing bank accounts). A new merchant account is required (although you are free to retain any existing merchant account for other use) which can be established within 24 hrs. No contract or commitment period required. Personalized telephone or e-mail service from a representative located in the United States is at all times available. It is normal with all credit card processing for a a small delay to occur from the time of settlement until the deposit appears in your bank account.
Cards are authorized via a secure TCP/IP connection (recommended) or via dial-up. Only one PC on the network needs to have Internet or dial-up access.
Benefits and costs
There are no merchant setup fees, no additional transaction fees, and no charge for the X-Charge credit card authorization software. The only charge is for the Addsum accounting software integration/interface, and discount rates will typically match or beat your current rates (in all, providing significant annual savings compared to other options, plus the efficiency of integrated credit card processing). A small monthly fee billed by the merchant provider, normal with most merchant accounts and dependent on the selected merchant will apply.
Other credit card processing software will typically require you to pay $300 for a standalone or $500 or more for multi-user credit card authorization software, or monthly fees coupled with higher discount percentages. All of these fees are eliminated with the Addsum X-Charge integrated solution with just a small one time interface/integration fee that includes any required assistance for setting up the interface. Your merchant account is established throught a third party (not through us). X-Charge provides free setup and support for the separate X-Charge credit card authorization software piece, and will also provide the initial free analysis and assist in establishing the merchant account.
  • No equipment of any kind is required; eliminates the need for dedicated credit card terminals and phone lines.
  • Reduces/eliminates data entry errors
  • Completely integrated: successful authorization leads to the automatic recording of all the appropriate customer and general ledger entries within the accounting software.
  • Settlement can be automatic or manual depending on the processor selected.
  • The X-Charge credit card authorization software can be used separately/apart from the accounting software to handle special situations.
  • Print credit card receipt directly from accounting software.
  • Manual or swiped entry.
  • Support for CVV2 support and street/zip verification.
  • Process all major credit cards and debit cards with a credit card logo.
  • Single or multi-user - unlimited multi-user capability without any additional charges.
  • Transaction reporting available from within X-Charge.
  • Authorize credit cards during sales order or point of sale entry or via "record payments."
More benefits
X-Charge is always current with technology
Security updates occur in the credit card processing industry that require merchants to purchase or lease new terminals in order to remain current. If merchants don't remain current they are subjected to higher processing costs. With X-Charge, updates occur in the software. You can download upgrades at your convenience keeping your system current so you are never subjected to higher processing costs.
Integration Eliminates the Chance for Fraud or Error Due to Double Entry
With X-Charge, no re-keying of the sales amount is required. The amount tendered in the accounting software is exactly what is authorized via X-Charge. This integration virtually eliminates the chance for fraud or error.
Integration Provides a One-to-One Audit Trail
Every credit card transaction has a corresponding transaction within X-Charge, never missed or erroneously keyed. This saves your staff considerable time when evaluating batch reports.
X-Charge Consumes NO Counter Space
Counter space is always at a premium. X-Charge software is fully integrated into your accounting software system. Your standalone bank terminals are replaced by a much smaller credit card swiper (optional - not required for non-POS situations), which reduces clutter and provides more valuable space for selling.
X-Charge is fast
Credit card transactions are authorized in a few seconds easing the congestion that can crowd your front office and reducing waiting time for your customers at checkout (whether in person or over the phone). X-Charge can process payments through a traditional phone line and modem or securely via the internet using a VPN and from any/all computers across your network.
X-Charge is easy for your staff
Your employees simply tender the sale normally through the Addsum integrated authorization screen and input or swipe the customer's credit card. X-Charge does the rest. Your employees never need to leave their PC.
The receipt works the way you want it to
No longer will you have to issue a separate credit card receipt if you do not want to.
X-Charge can print meaningful management reports, allowing daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and user defined time period reporting. And it provides much more information than stand alone credit card terminals can provide, invaluable when researching customer disputes and/or charge backs.
Integration with your web processing payment gateway
If you are using a web payment gateway (such as Authorize.Net), you can establish an X-Charge account using your existing Authorize.Net account and X-Charge that would have two terminal ID's, one for Authorize.Net and one for X-Charge, and both would report to one merchant account.
Mobile credit card authorization options are available
Advanced Accounting 6.1 rel 12 or higher with the Addsum X-Charge credit card interface
One PC with Windows 2000 or higher that has an Internet connection or which has the ability to access and dial an outside line (dial-up may require the purchase of a modem); all other PC's in a multi-user environment simply require Windows 98 or higher and nothing else (Internet or dial out needed only on one computer).
No dedicated phone lines nor hardware of any kind is required.
For a demo, simply call Addsum at 800-648-6258 and we will arrange for you to see an actual authorization session from your PC's browser.
Watch the credit card processing video for more information.
Getting Started with X-Charge
The first step is to establish a merchant processing through X-Charge and install the X-Charge software. Simply click here or call 866-367-9734.
Program Operation
Operation of the credit card authorization screen is largely intuitive and self-explanatory. Required fields are user defined under the X-Charge Credit Card Setup (SY-M).
Credit card entry: Enter the credit card or lookup an existing card for the active customer by clicking on the lookup button (or press F2). Or, simply make sure that the credit card entry field is the active field (i.e. that it has focus) and swipe the card using any desired attached credit card reader.
Entry of other information: If you require the use of a CVV2 code, enter it as appropriate (click on the word Help below CVV2 entry for an explanation of the CVV2 code). Input the card's expiration date (MM/YY format). The SY-M option determines whether a street address, zip code, invoice number and salesperson are required. Note that if you swiped a card, then the CVV2, expiration date and name/street/zip will require no manual entry. The memo field applies only if you will be printing an 8.5 x 11" receipt and want to put some additional explanation on the receipt to be provided to the customer; it is completely optional.
Authorizing a card: Click on "Authorize" to proceed to authorize the card. The Authorization Response section will provide the response from the X-Charge credit card software. If the card is authorized and you have elected to print a receipt, the receipt will either immediately print, be previewed on your screen or you will choose the desired printer from a standard Window printer dialog box. Then you will be able to see the authorization response details after which you click on the "Done" button to return to the point where you initiated the authorization. If you have not elected to print a receipt or if the credit card is not authorized, you will be able to see the authorization response and either click on Exit (if the card was not authorized) or Done (if the card was authorized).
Swipe options: When a credit card is swiped, it is input into the application by the credit card reader (a device that reads the magnetic stripe on a credit card), as if it were manually typed at the keyboard into one of several different formats. The magnetic stripe on the back of a credit card (and other types of cards such as ATM cards and I.D. badges, along with others) three "tracks" of information and are referred to as tracks 1, 2 and 3. These tracks are about 1/10th of an inch wide and are governed by ISO/IEC standard 7811, which is followed by banking institutions. How many tracks are read/received depends on (a) the number of tracks encoded onto the card and (b) the ability of your credit reader to read tracks sent to it. Make sure that your card reader can read tracks 1 and 2. When a proper swipe sequence is sent to the credit card number entry field in the Addsum accounting software credit card authorization program (or directly to X-Charge), the Addsum software then properly extracts or "parses" the information which is then reflected on the screen. It then also knows because of the character stream received that it is a swiped card (usually then eligible for a lower merchant discount rate) as opposed to a manually processed card.
Support or pre-purchase/signup questions
Advanced Accounting software operation/setup issues: 801-277-9240 or
X-Charge installation/operation/support: 800-338-6614
Visa Card Acceptance Guide and Chargeback Management Guidelines for Visa Merchants
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard
Merchant Credit Card Abuses
Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business
Some merchants don't play by the credit card rules

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