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Addsum Business Software, Inc. Support: 801-277-9240 Salt Lake City, Utah USA
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Latest news and information:

Windows 10 update KB4015217 creates havoc (4/17/17)
Unpost AR payment and DDF creator enhanced (3/31/17)
Using Gmail with Advanced Accounting (2/28/17)
Advanced Accounting 2017 payroll updates (1/3/17)
Advanced Accounting latest payroll info 12/31/16
TAS Premier 7i rel. 11 published 12/30/16
Also see blog post related to the release above
New W-2 and 1099-MISC deadlines (11/29/16)
When the requested security info. is unavailable (9/27/16)
Will Advanced Accounting 5.1 run under Windows 10? (8/2/16)
Windows 10 default printer woes (7/7/16)
Control whether your PC upgrades to Windows 10 (5/23/16)
Windows 10 and Advanced Accounting (5/7/16)
Locky ransomware is on the loose (3/23/16)
Extend the life of old applications (2/23/16)
When Arial is missing (2/15/16)
More Adv payroll updates (1/18/16)
New W-2 federal/state e-filing option available (12/31/15)
W-2's and employer-sponsored health coverage (11/12/15)
XLS files: converting text to numbers (11/01/15)
Windows 10: Wait (08/11/15)
New Calif. sick leave requirement (7/31/15)

Advanced Accounting from Addsum Business Software is a scalable, integrated accounting software product designed for small to mid-sized businesses. Advanced Accounting is a good fit for small retailers and contractors that require industry-specific features, a solid accounting function and a product that offers room to grow without incurring additional expense.

CPA Practice Advisor, March 2013
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advanced accounting 7i software

What we do:
•Publish Advanced Accounting software
•Publish TAS Premier 7i developer software
Support and develop updates relating to the above including all legacy versions
•Provide custom programming services for the above
•Consulting/web/design services related to the above and in the areas of our technology, business management, and accounting expertise

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Some older news/updates:
Printing to a file in Advanced Accounting (04/02/15)
Microsoft security update degrades fonts (02/11/15)
Do you want to run this file (program)? (11/30/14)
User education key to fight CryptoLocker (10/15/14)
TAS Premier 7i rel. 9 published 04/29/14
Wisconsin rate changes (4/21/14)
XP users: Don't panic! (4/8/14)
Running Advanced Accounting from a Mac/iPad (2/15/14)
Addsum OpLockSet utility updated 1/23/14
Advanced Accounting 7i r7 published 12/30/13
Advanced Accounting 7i r6 published 5/21/13
Mobile site launched 5/15/13
TAS Premier 7i rel. 8 published 04/30/13
CPA Practice Advisor reviews Adv 7i r5 3/7/13
Addsum KeyLockToggle utility 1/5/13
What's new in Adv 7i (thru rel. 5)? 12/27/12
Advanced Accounting 7i r5 available 12/19/12
Pervasive PSQL v11 SP2 available; Vx Server 11 not required/recommended 03/12
Addsum OpLockSet utility aids Visual FoxPro apps 1/16/12

TAS Premier and TAS Pro business and accounting computer software programming for commercial and custom applications

Publisher of Advanced Accounting and Addsum TAS Premier 7i (formerly TAS Professional)

Support: 801-277-9240
Toll free sales/information (USA): 800-648-6258 or 888-923-3786
Addsum Advanced Accounting

Sales, support, custom programming, add-ons, interfaces and training

Addsum TAS Premier 7i

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We do not outsource any of our support, programming or other business staffing needs.

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